BC Court Challenge

There's legal challenge that could end Canadian Medicare as we know it, and it scheduled to go before the Supreme Court of British Columbia on September 6. 

The British Columbia provincial government is facing a lawsuit from a group of for-profit clinics led by former Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Brian Day, the owner of Vancouver’s for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre and the leading proponent of privatized health care. The group is seeking to strike down provincial health legislation that limits the for-profit delivery of medically necessary services, claiming that these rules violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The BC private clinics legal challenge represents a crossroads for Medicare. Canadian Doctors for Medicare is there as an intervener in the case to respond on behalf of physicians and supporters who want to ensure that the voices for our publicly-insured universal health care system are heard. CDM is part of a pro-Medicare intervener group that also includes the British Columbia Health Coalition, one physician and two patients.

We will be posting more information in the coming months here and at SaveMedicare.ca