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Canadian Doctors for Medicare is an organization advocating the maintenance and improvement of Canada's universal, single-payer health care system - Medicare. Just four years old, we are a growing organization with over 2,500 members across Canada.

We believe in reform and innovation within our public health care system, and we collaborate with other health professionals and friends to educate physicians and public about the benefits of a single-payer (government) system and the dangers of two-tier health care - one system for the wealthy and one for everyone else, to the detriment of our public system.

We participate in conferences, debates and forums, write scholarly articles to peer-reviewed journals, and appear regularly on national television, on news programs, and in print. Our annual membership fee is $120.00 for practicing physicians, $60.00 for retired physicians, and $60.00 for non-physician friends. Resident and medical student memberships are free, but a donation of $10.00 or more would be appreciated.

We are the only national physician organization advocating for reform and innovation within Medicare - and the rejection of two-tier health care.

The supporters of private for-profit care are extremely well funded, highly organized, and strategically sophisticated. Help us fight two-tier care and keep Medicare healthy. Join CDM today.

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