Quality of Care in Investor-Owned vs Not-for-Profit HMOs

D. U. Himmelstein et al. JAMA, July 14, 1999. Vol 282; (2) 159-163.

Background: While the enrollment of members in for-profit investor-owned health maintenance organizations (HMOs) was increasing, there was little known about the quality of care of these plans versus not-for-profit HMOs.

Objective: To compare quality-of-care measures in for-profit investor-owned and not-for-profit HMOs.

Design: 14 standardized quality-of-care indicators (derived from the Analysis of the Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set, HEDIS*) from over 329 HMO plans, representing 56% of total HMO enrollment in the US.

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A systematic review of studies comparing health outcomes in Canada and the United States

Gordon H. Guyatt et al. Open Medicine, April 18, 2007. Vol. 1 (1), pp. 27-36.

Background: Although Canada and the United States share many of the same standards for treatment, health outcomes in both countries vary. This difference may be attributed to the financing systems – private vs. public and for-profit vs. not-for-profit– and to the variation in expenditure levels between the two countries.

Objective: To identify the health outcomes for patients in Canada versus the United States, when treated for similar medical conditions.

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